Etched in Stone: The stories behind the names of Eden’s War Memorial

21 October 2015 – 3 December 2018

Between 2014-2018, nations around the world are commemorating the centenary of the First World War. Eden Killer Whale Museum’s exhibition Etched in Stone provides a local perspective on the stories behind the names of the First World War servicemen who are commemorated on Eden’s Cenotaph.

With the First World War being fought on shores far from Australia, few families were able to visit grave sites or battle grounds. Local memorials provided a formal place for communities to grieve and remember those whose who would never come home. They also provided a place of commemoration where a grave was not possible, usually for the sad situation where soldiers were missing, presumed killed.

While memorials honour the names of service personnel, space prevents individual stories being told. The Fallen have always been given a special place in history, but what of the men who returned home physically and emotionally changed forever? Etched in Stone tries to understand the experience of some of Eden’s 122 First World War servicemen – the courageous and the deserters, the young and the old, the loss or survival of brothers, those who went on to serve in the Second World War and those who never made it out of Australia the first time around.