Sesqui: an event to remember

6 February 2018 – 10 March 2019

Over nine days in March 1993, the town of Eden was transformed into a bustling place of festivity and community celebrations to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the town’s proclamation.  Driven by the Eden Killer Whale Museum’s volunteer management committee, it remains as one of Eden’s largest community events of all time.

It is now 175 years since Eden was proclaimed a town, and 25 years since Eden’s biggest community celebrations unfolded.  This exhibition from Eden Killer Whale Museum invites you to be a part of the celebrations that once were.

EKWM Committee Member, Robert Whiter, presents the town with a 150th birthday cake at the re-enactment of proclamation day, February 1993.  Magnet Newspaper Photographic Collection. Eden Killer Whale Museum.