Donations & Bequests

*Please be advised there are currently delays in replying to enquiries*


Thank you for considering to donate to Eden Killer Whale Museum.

Eden Killer Whale Museum is committed to the long-term preservation of artifacts held within its collection. For this reason, every offer of a donation undergoes a process of careful research and consideration by the Museum’s collection manager before it is presented to a formal meeting to be assessed against Eden Killer Whale Museum’s Collection Policy.

The story behind the artifact assists in determining the artifact’s relevance to the history of Eden and its surrounds, and whether it may be best suited to Eden Killer Whale Museum or perhaps another local, state or national collecting institution.

The condition of an artifact also requires assessment in order to determine the short, medium and long-term preservation needs, and so that the Museum can ensure its limited resources are committed wisely now and into the future.

Given the nature of the assessment, and limited staff availability, we request that you contact the Museum before your visit or sending donations by post.

Please be prepared to answer questions about the artifact, as this will help build a richer story about the item for generations to come.  These are questions such as who made it, owned it or used it?  When and where was it made/used and its approximate dimensions?  How did it come to be in your private collection?  Can you supply a digital image of it?

We also recommend speaking to family members before making a gift proposal as once a donation is accepted by Eden Killer Whale Museum it cannot be returned or transferred back to another family member.


Please email your gift proposal with the history of the artifact (including photos and dimensions) to:

Attention: Collection Manager


Mail:              PO Box 304, Eden, NSW 2551

A Deed of Gift will also need to be signed in order to transfer ownership of the donation to Eden Killer Whale Museum and can be found at the link below.  All of the guideline questions can be found on the second page to assist you with your proposal.

Deed of Gift form

The following may help with other questions you might have:

What happens to items that are not accepted?

These are returned to the donor as the Museum is unable to dispose of on the donor’s behalf.

How can I get my donation to the Museum?

Please contact the Museum’s collection manager ahead of time as described above.

Can I meet someone in person to discuss my donation?

Please contact the Museum following the previous steps to avoid disappointment. The collection manager may not always be on site, or may be engaged in exhibition preparation so it is best to contact the Museum ahead of your planned visit to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time.

Will my donation be on permanent display?

Due to the size of the museum and conservation practices, generally collection items are used on a rotational basis for varying lengths of time.  Please ensure your contact details are up to date with the collection manager so that you can be advised of their inclusion in a special exhibition or permanent display area.

Can I offer to loan an artifact?

Please contact the Museum using the above steps and the collection manager will be in touch and keep your generous offer on file. Not all items may be suitable to current or future exhibition schedules, so registering your offer would help with future exhibition planning.

I think a family artifact has been donated in the past, can I see it or learn more about it?

Please contact the Museum’s collection manager as per the above to see how we can accommodate your request. Please allow 4 weeks as a response time.

Can we borrow items from the Museum collection?

Please contact the collection manager using the above steps, outlining your proposal including:

the length of the loan; the location it will be displayed; is it for a special event or occasion?; and insurance/security information (ie: lockable case, locked premises etc).

The collection manager will then be in touch if further information is required.  Loan requests are considered on a case by case basis at a formal monthly meeting.  Please allow at least 8 weeks ahead of the planned event to start the process.

Can you give a valuation of my artifact?

Eden Killer Whale Museum’s policy is against providing valuations. It would be best to seek out a local auction house or professional valuer for this.