Research Request



The Eden Killer Whale Museum prides itself on sharing its storehouse of information with the local, national and international community. An initial fee of $25.00 is charged to cover the first hour of research investigating whether information is available. This fee is payable on the lodgment of this form. A full listing of our research fees are outlined on the back of this form. We cannot guarantee that we have the information you are seeking but every effort will be made to meet your request. We aim to advise you of our findings within 30 days.

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Research Fees (Incl. GST)

  • Initial Search Fee (includes first hour of research) – $25.00
  • Additional search (by research volunteers) – $25.00 per hour
  • Additional search (by Collections Manager) – $70.00 per hour

Photographic & Digital Reproduction Charges (Incl. GST)
All photographic material held by the Museum is reproduced using digital technology and provided on CD at 300 dpi or via email where file size permits. While the Museum will make every effort to ensure the best possible reproduction is obtained, the quality of photographic reproduction is dependent on the quality of the original image.

  • (1 -5 images) – $10.00
  • (6 -10 images) – $15.00
  • (11 or more images) – $20.00


  • Commercial purposes:  $25.00 per image AND a copy of the final production in which the images were used to be forwarded to the Museum for archival and research purposes

Documentation Copying Charges (Incl. GST)

  • Black & White A4 single sheet – $0.20ea
  • Black & White A4 double sided – $0.40ea
  • Black & White A3 single – $0.40ea
  • Black & White A3 double sided – $0.80ea
  • Colour A4 single sheet – $2.00ea
  • Colour A4 double sided – $4.00ea
  • Colour A3 single sheet – $4.00ea
  • Colour A3 double sided – $8.00ea

Postage Charges (Incl. GST)

  • DL Envelope with up to 5 x A4 pages folded – $1.00
  • A5 envelope with disk / CD ROM / up to 8 x A4 pages folded, or 5 standard photographic prints – $1.60
  • A4 envelope with up to 20 x A4 sheets flat or up to 5 x A3 folded – $2.50
  • A3 copies flat or more than 20 x A4 sheets flat packed in jiffy bag – $10.00

Conditions of use

  • No use is to be made of Eden Killer Whale Museum research information or photographic imagery other than that stated on the request form. No further reproduction or storage of imagery is to be carried out other than for the stated purpose and research information must not be handed to a second party for use.
  • The granting of permission to use Eden Killer Whale Museum photographic images or research information does not imply the transfer of copyright or exclusive rights to the material.