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We  now  also have a new exhibition on show









Out of the Box: 90 years of collecting at EKWM

Featuring nearly 120 items on display, it has been designed with less text to encourage discussion and comparison of objects of the past with our way of life today

– and reveals the breadth of the Museum’s collection.











Featuring in the exhibition are identifiable agricultural tools



















and unique agricultural equipment.  Short audiovisual components help explain how equipment was used.

The exhibition includes photographs and objects associated with bullock teams and the importance of blacksmiths for local carriers and teamsters, and sleeper cutters. It also reveals the demise of the industries due to motor transport.








Domestic cultural history provides a platform for students to discuss how chores are done today, by whom and how technologies have changed.  Also the opportunity to discuss how labour saving appliances changed home life for women.






















There is also the opportunity to discuss changes in traditions and costume; and to be introduced to local identities and places no longer extant, such as Ramsey’s general store and the Eden Pilot Station.























The importance of general stores to regional towns is also a feature, and includes the effect of World War II and supplies, and the introduction of decimal currency.





















Local hotel history and the protection of local heritage buildings (Hotel Australasia, Seahorse Inn and the Great Southern Inn) can be discussed.  Also hotels as places more than somewhere to eat and drink – as places to celebrate, mourn, hold public meetings, and in the past, to see experts such as lawyers, medical specialists and dentists.





















The importance of rifle clubs to the state and the nation for civil defense, and the contributions made by Eden and surrounding communities.























The role of the local community in assisting competitors in the world class event of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race; and their life saving efforts – including the 1998 disaster.










Undoubtedly, the story of Old Tom the killer whale and the local whalers remains the highlight of a visit to the Museum.  However there are more opportunities for discovering local history with temporary displays changing throughout the year.

Explore our exhibition pages on our website for more details.  Our Facebook page is also an excellent way of keeping up to date with news, events and unveiling of histories.

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