Eden Courthouse

Eden Courthouse is listed on the Register of the National Estate. Dating from 1857, Eden Courthouse has a long association with the social history of Eden and district. Part of the importance of the courthouse is in its design that is quite different from 19th century New South Wales courthouse design. The building is asymmetrical with a flanking section to one side only, and it lacks the imposing formality of courthouses of the time.

Eden Court of Petty Sessions was established at Eden Courthouse in April 1847, the clerk of court being Mr Edward Ferris. Magistrates appointed that year included Mr (later Sir) Oswald Brierly. Mr William Walker and Mr James Walker. Eden police district in 1848 covered the county of Auckland. A chief constable and two constables were stationed at Eden. Mounted police were stationed at outposts. Eden watch house was established in 1849 with lookout point fenced off from the jetty area as a police paddock. Eden water police were formed in 1854.