Greetings from Eden


This display is an extension to the exhibition, Out of the box: 90 years of collecting at Eden Killer Whale Museum (opening 17th Feb 2021).It brings together souvenirs from the Museum’s collection against a backdrop of reproduced postcard images.

More than a memento to take home, souvenirs play an important part in documenting history. They reveal the iconic symbols and special places of a community, and how these change through time. They record an evolution of changes to streetscapes, landscapes and also the changing use of names, places and industries. Souvenirs also capture cultural trends and ideals at the time they were made.

Greetings from Eden invites you to explore beyond the aesthetic of the souvenir, and examine what historical information can be revealed.

title image: Timber sleepers being loaded at Snug Cove wharf, c1960-1973. Published by G K Bolton