Eden Killer Whale Museum

On 17 September 1930, while on his daily walk, Allie Greig discovered the body of the killer whale known as Tom. This single event was the impetus behind establishing a museum in Eden – a place to commemorate the intriguing story of the unique working relationship between the whalers and killer whales of Twofold Bay.

Tom’s body was processed across the bay at Davidson Whaling Station on the shores of Kiah Inlet. Local entrepreneur John R Logan drove the vision, and in February the following year sought out a committee to begin the project of establishing a home for the skeleton of Tom.

The building was eventually completed in 1938 with Tom being installed early in 1939. In the interim, visitors to Eden were able to see the great orca skeleton in the private offices of Logan which were located close to the main business area of Imlay Street. Unfortunately Logan passed away late 1937, never seeing his dream realised.

The volunteer management committee has and continues to upgrade buildings, increase volunteer practice standards, and monitor the collection and undertake conservation projects.