Eden Post Office

The Eden Post Office has been situated in various sites in Eden since its establishment in the town in 1844. A simple Federation style with pleasing form and proportion the building on the corner of Imlay & Mitchell streets however was used for postal (and telecommunication) purposes for eighty years (1891 – 1971).

According to an entry in postal records, Eden’s first post office was located at Boydtown and was under the charge of Ebenezer Orr. However an absence of records from 1844 through to 1849 means details on the office and its closure is unknown. The next entry available is the record of the first postmaster, George Barclay who was appointed 20 June 1849.

Until 1891 the Post Office operated out of various leased premises but in May 1888 a tender for erection of new premises at Imlay/Mitchell Street was accepted by the Public Works Department. Contractor for the work was George Hodgson with S W Aspinall the manager. The work was expected to be completed by November of the same year (six months) but took a little over two years before the Postmaster was able to commence service in the building.

Several other changes to the building occurred at various times. In 1898 approval was given for an additional bedroom and the provision of a bathroom however the work was not completed until around 1902.

In 1909, Postmaster Litchfield reported Eden’s telephone exchange arrangements as being located in the post office lobby, which was attached to the office. The lobby was 6ft 6in x 6ft with a total floor space of 39 feet. The exchange opened 14 April 1909 and continued to be operated from here until 1972, a year longer than postal services which moved to the new post office further south on Imlay Street in July 1971.