Magnet Office

In 1892 W.D. Pfeiffer founded and edited the “Pambula Voice” newspaper which survived almost 50 years, passing through several hands before merging with the “Eden Magnet” due to wartime paper shortages, in 1941 as the “Magnet-Voice”.

In 1908 as the “Twofold Bay Magnet”, the paper was first published by Leo Sheehy who sold it to Rod Morris in 1915. The paper was bought by G.R. Phillips about 1919 when the name became “Eden Magnet”. In 1946 the paper was sold to Fairfax & Annabel, then to J.J. Stweart. Between 1948 – 1968 it was run by Doug Hepburn until he sold it to Maxwell Newton.

Kevin Turnbull was editor of the “Voice” as it was now known. His syndicate bought the paper in 1972 and sold it to Macquarie Publications in 1985 and the paper was renamed “Imlay Magnet”.