The Log Cabin

JR Logan bought the land that the Log Cabin stands on from the Presbyterian Church in 1935. The building was constructed through working bees organized by Logan and the families of Eden girl guides. Logan’s youngest daughter was a girl guide. The guides previously had been paying rent at Begaville House for their meetings.

Logan made a scale model of the building from dowel and wooden match boxes to convince the Guides Association of Sydney that the project had merit. The cost of the building was 1,500 pounds, the guides provided 500 pounds, with JR Logan putting up the remainder.

The building, completed and opened on the 29th of February 1936, was constructed to a Canadian design using local stringy bark poles. The poles were caulked with oakum. Local stone and Queensland black slate form a feature of this amazing building.

Sadly JR Logan died in 1937. The memorial stone to JR Logan and his wife Mary, can be seen in the Log Cabins gardens. The girl guides ceased around the time of the second world war due to lack of leaders. Mrs Logan then sold Edrom Lodge on the south side of Twofold Bay and bought the Log Cabin from the Girl Guide Association. She lived there until shortly before her death in 1963.

The property was then acquired by a succession of private owners who made a number of structural changes. In 1979 the Imlay Shire purchased the building to house the Eden Library. Many locals will remember how cosy it was in winter to sit near the wood fire reading a book. The Library re-located in 2003. In 1990 the building was heritage listed and in 2004 the Bega Valley Shire Council appointed the Eden Log Cabin Management Committee and restored the building.