Warren’s House & Shed

At the top of Warrens Walk on the western side of Imlay Street there has been a “quaint little shack” which has drawn quite some interest from Heritage Consultants over the years. On Friday 1st August they finally succumbed to gale force westerly winds. Earliest memory is that his Bob Warren and wife Kate (nee Howard) bought the cottage from a doctor who had used it as a residence and surgery. Kate’s brother Matt Howard used the small annex as a shop for some time before having the store opposite the Police Station in Imlay St built.

Bob Warren, fisherman, and his family lived in the cottage as did his son Robbie and this small adjoining building was used as extra accommodation for a young family. While the cottage has been maintained this annex had long since fallen into disrepair and sadly was destroyed by wind on 1st August 2008.