Shipwrecks of the Sapphire Coast:

As an island nation, shipping – and by extension, shipwrecks – are central to Australia’s rich maritime heritage. Since the 17th century, our coastline has been the final resting place for more than 11,000 wrecks, and to date, less than a quarter have been found. With its heavy seas, wild winds and strong currents, the south-eastern seaboard has long been a concern for shipping. Not surprisingly then, shipwrecks are an unfortunate part of the story of the Sapphire Coast – and although Twofold Bay has often provided a safe haven for vessels plying the coastline, many have still come to grief. Wrecked!  takes a look at some of the regions famous and not so famous wrecks – from the George in 1806 to the Henry Bolte and Tasman Hauler in 1988. There’s even a mysterious submarine at the bottom of Disaster Bay… or is there?

Wrecked! is now showing at the Eden Killer Whale Museum.


A collection of photographs and artefacts from shipwrecks of the Sapphire Coast.